Cynthia DuPree

Minister of Music

Cindy has been actively involved in ministry since she was fourteen

years old. She began ministry by working with an outreach ministry

to the homeless and socially challenged in Brockton MA. She also

served as soloist and psalmist for ministries throughout New England.

Cindy also traveled throughout the United States and Canada with the Outreach Singers and Orchestra for Christ.  In addition, she traveled

with the New Life Drama Company for several years. Cindy and her

husband Jimmy pastored and planted Churches in Florida and Tennessee, where Cindy served as Worship leader, secretary, volunteer coordinator, head of the Woman’s ministry, and special guest speaker at many different functions. Over the years Cindy has been involved in many community events including; coordinator of a community kitchen, mentoring inner-city children, working in a free weekly medical clinic and a homeless shelter. Cindy and Jimmy have three children, Anna, Samuel, and Zechariah.

Cindy Singing.jpg